An Efficiency-orientated Total Factor Productivity Measurement Model for Construction Projects


  • Wenting Zhan Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
  • Wei Pan Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong



Modularization and mechanization are widely promoted due to their potential benefits in enhancing site efficiency. However, the outcomes of the implementation lack quantitative supports at the project level. This paper aims to develop a quantitative evidence-based methodology for measuring site efficiency and evaluating the outcomes of the two technologies. Applying the proposed methodology to a real-life building construction project, the simulation results of multiple scenarios show that site efficiency is likely to be enhanced by encouraging the utilisation of laboring-saving materials and equipment within the limited project budget. The findings provide quantitative evidence to encourage technological innovation in construction materials and equipment, thereby demonstrating the potential of substituting materials or equipment for labor in benefiting site efficiency of a construction project through adopting modularization and mechanization.