A Case Study for 3D Modeling Process Analysis based on BIM Log File


  • Nan Zhang Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
  • Yichen Tian Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Hole School of Construction Engineering, University of Alberta
  • Mohamed Al-Hussein Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta




Building Information Modeling (BIM) design becomes popular with the growing needs of enhancing construction efficiency. During the design process, 3D Modeling is the foundation of generating and analyzing building information. The modeling tool, Autodesk Revit, automatically creates log files, which can record all design activities. This paper investigates and analyzes the operation data from unstructured temporal Revit log files. These data were recorded when executing the general and external command to build a 3D model of a typical residential two-story building. The objectives of this analysis were to figure out the influence elements of producing a good framing model and to give some suggestions for improving modeling efficiency. In order to extract the useful specific commands, the information in the text journal file was transferred to an excel file, before reading by a data mining tool, RapidMiner. It generated a pie chart to show the repetition amount of modeling activities. Analyzing the reasons of repeating some commands frequently, this paper contributes the possibility to reduce the useless repetition for building a good 3D model.