Logistics Planning and Visualization of Modular Integrated Construction Projects Based on BIM-GIS Integration and Vehicle Routing Algorithm


  • Sanyuan Niu Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
  • Yi Yang Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
  • Wei Pan Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong




Logistics planning is a critical part of developing supply chain for modular integrated construction (MiC) projects in Hong Kong where high-rise, high density and hilly landscape is the norm. It is important to minimize the total logistics and to guarantee timely delivery of modules, especially for several MiC projects being constructed during the same period. Nevertheless, there is a significant lack of studies on logistics planning, optimization and visualization for MiC projects. The aim of this paper is to establish an integrated MiC logistics planning and visualization platform, which is grounded on the integration of building information modeling (BIM), geographical information system (GIS) and vehicle routing problem (VRP) algorithm. The framework is then presented and evaluated using a case study to identify optimal logistics scenario of trailer routes to meet the installation time window of MiC projects in Hong Kong. The paper finds that the proposed platform has the ability to make optimized logistics scenario for MiC projects, and to visualize the logistics scenario in a 3-dimentional interactive environment. Future study will focus on adopting flexible control strategies and including more decision-making criteria of logistics planning in MiC projects such as road width limitation, travel speed and different module types