AWP for residential buildings to modular construction: A proposed framework




Residential Buildings, AWP, Modular Construction, Modularization


The demand on affording homes for the growing population in the world is noticeably increasing. This demand creates a high pressure to find solutions that can help in constructing quick and affordable shelters. In efforts to improve productivity, performance, and constructability of residential buildings, the direction toward modularity in construction is increasing. In order to gain the best benefits of modular systems in construction, these systems should be associated with project management practices. Among these practices, Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction driven planning tool that proved its value in improve the delivery and execution effectiveness in the oil and gas fields and currently is witnessing greater consideration in the construction industry. The current study aims to link the two concepts through proposing a framework to integrate AWP in residential modular construction. This article is also presenting an example about the possible way for this integration. The article also discusses the opportunity to improve productivity and installation costs due to the implementation of the proposed framework.