Environment-aware worker trajectory prediction using surveillance camera on modular construction sites





Trajectory prediction, Environment-aware interactions, LSTM, Modular construction site


Modular construction sites are often reported as one of the most hazardous workplaces where the complex environments can lead to near misses and life-threatening collisions. To avoid contact collisions and provide a safe workplace, forecasting workers' trajectories on dynamic construction sites is demanding yet remains challenging. Existing approaches for trajectory prediction are mostly limited to only considering the objects moving information. In this paper, an environment-aware distance worker trajectory prediction model is designed to fully exploit the contextual information on construction sites. Incorporating the interactions among workers and distances between workers and static elements into the prediction model, the proposed approach offers a reliable prediction of worker positions. To further exploit the contextual cues, an environment-aware direction scheme taking directional information of the static elements into account is put forth. Extensive numerical tests on synthetic as well as modular construction datasets showcase the improved prediction performance of the proposed approaches in comparison to several state-of-the-art alternatives.