VDC management in the industrialization process using prefabricated reinforcement cages. Case Study: Ovalo Monitor Bridge


  • Alejandro Palpan TSC Innovation, Peru
  • Sandra Vega TSC Innovation, Peru
  • Felipe Quiroz TSC Innovation, Peru
  • Mark Vicuña TSC Innovation, Peru; Universidad de Lima, Perú
  • Rodrigo Tuesta Universidad de Lima, Perú
  • Alexandre Almeida del Savio Universidad de Lima, Perú




VDC, BIM, bridges, industrialization, prefabricated reinforcement, supply chain


Reworks and delays in production processes are commonly found in construction projects associated with a low level of industrialization and a lack of design constructability. To promote industrialization, improve project constructability, and reduce the execution time, we implemented the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodology. An industrialization strategy was established using a prefabricated reinforcement cages system (PRC) elements in an 870-meters bridge construction project in Lima, Peru. The objective was to improve the project buildability with high industrialization of the steel rebar works. We replaced the traditional on-site cutting and bending steel reinforcement processes with an industrial process that integrates construction management with the supply chain through Building Information Model (BIM). As a result, the level of industrialization of the PRC elements of the bridge substructure and superstructure reached 85% and 40%, respectively, aligned with a 16% execution time reduction of the project.