Just-in-Time Delivery Requires Just-in-Time Production X2 – Sychronising Factory and Site for Successful Prefabrication


  • Alan Mossman The Change Business Ltd, Stroud, UK




Failure to synchronize production on-site with production in the factory leads to losses for the client/owner, the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) and subcontractors as well as to delays in the construction schedule. How can off-site fabrication of sub-assemblies be synchronised with predictable production and assembly on-site so as to increase the chances that the site is ready to receive each sub-assembly when it arrives and that site operations are not delayed by waiting for delivery of sub-assemblies? From the construction literature and the authors’ personal experiences it is clear that Critical Path Methods are not fit for this purpose; rigorous, collaborative, short-term planning is much more effective. Value for practitioners: ideas for what to pay attention to, in order to reduce both work waiting for workers (or robots) and workers (or robots) waiting for work. Value for scholars: ideas for further research.